18 Best Study Room Designs That Help Your Kid Study

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In order to learn something new, it is crucial to have good studying habits as well as effective techniques. But did you know that the space you are learning things is of the exact same importance as those habits and techniques? This is especially noticeable with kids. The concepts and rules for creating a dedicated study room for your kid are easy and simple to understand, so follow along.

Choose colors that relax

Almost all the kids want to play with colors and want things colorful as much as they can be! But it scientifically is proven that strong colors have a negative impact on learning, especially on kids. When designing a study room go with colors that relax. Pale yellow, pale blue, sage or crisp white are the colors that are incredibly appropriate for your kids.


The lighting is the most important aspect in almost any room because it directly influences your mood and psychology! This again is especially important to kids. And when I say light I mean really light, daylight! When there is sunlight pouring in through your window while you study, you have completely different approach to things. So, try to pick a room that has a big window and watch your kid enjoying his time while studying.

Room Temperature

Another big one. Many times kids fall asleep during study time. The reason behind this, especially with younger kids might be the temperature. If the room is too hot it makes your kid sleepy! It happens to adults too, right? On the other hand, if the room is too cold, the cold with taking big portion of your kids’ attention.


As for the lighting, a cluttered room influences your mood and behavior. Again, this is noticeable on a slightly bigger scale with kids. A cluttered room makes you feel stressed, defocused and overwhelmed. Design your kids’ space in such a way it will be different for them to clutter it. Also, focus on helping them develop the good habits of keeping things in order.

Finally, don’t forget that even though you want to create a good environment for your kid to study effectively and efficiently you still have to think that their room has to be a room that they enjoy staying in. So, be careful not to make it look and feel like an office. Don’t forget, they are still kids.

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