5 Bedroom Design Tips and Ideas

When it comes to setting the desired moon in your bedroom, color, lighting texture and objects plays a powerful and important role in the space. A comfortable and nice atmosphere in your bedroom will improve your sleep and you will wake up every morning feeling refreshed and relax. A good bedroom design will transform your […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Decorating Living Rooms

Making a harmonious and appealing whole out of a room can be a really challenging task, especially if you are new in house decorating and the living room is the first one on your list. There are many things that need to be considered; what kind of furniture you need and what you already have, […]

Simple Step-by-step Tips About How To Declutter Your Home

A few days ago, I spent some time praying, journaling, and setting goals for the weeks and months ahead.  One of my goals for the coming months is to focus more on what’s truly important and let go of anything that drains my time and energy.  As part of that desire, I’m on a crusade […]

Gorgeous Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Small Backyard Ideas – There is no drawback of the hard landscaping style, which is come from the simplest to the modern. Generally, the hard landscape prefer become the star for contemporary design and the materials’ range for that space is spacious – metal, mirror, painted walls, concrete and more. But no one can stop you […]

Outstanding Outdoor Patio Design Ideas Enticing You to Stay Longer

Cozy Patio Ideas Enticing You to Stay Longer – Patio can be defined as a small garden placed in the area of home living. More than it is just about the plants to be grown, there is commonly also a set of furniture where the owners or guests can just simply sit down and relaxed. […]

Interior & Color Trends in 2019

I am always hesitant about providing trends each year as I am a firm believer that you should decorate for yourself rather than slavishly following looks that can often turn out to be a short-lived fad.  However, it can be interesting to see what the trends are as it often reflects what is available to […]