25 Gorgeous Suitcase and Trunk Coffee Tables Ideas

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Suitcase and Trunk Coffee Tables: 25 Gorgeous Ideas that Blend Vintage with Vivacious

We are always on the hunt for new ways in which we can enhance our home and give it that special little upgrade that sets it apart from the rest. Sometimes it is the colors on the wall. On other occasions, it could be the floor, ceiling or even just the style of the room itself. But for those who do not want to take on the challenge of a semi-major makeover every season, a simple change in few of the décor pieces or accessories does the trick. And today we intend to usher in a dash of vintage charm with the much-loved suitcase or trunk coffee table – an addition that stands out no matter in which place it sits in.

The suitcase coffee table is a cool addition that fits in surprisingly well with wide variety styles and themes and it lends an air of classy charm to pretty much any living room you can think of. It can also be used as a fabulous side table and you can even stack up several suitcases to create a cool focal point that is simply unmissable. Some of these trunk coffee tables are brand new and draw inspiration from vintage designs while others are truly vintage and have been given a gorgeous modern makeover. So, step in and take a look at the 25 best inspirations around –

A Coffee Table to Remember

The suitcase coffee table is often an addition that comes about because you have an old trunk or suitcase in the house that has collected dust and needs a quick makeover. It is a fun addition and even if it is not the permanent coffee table, you can use it once in a while and change it with altering styles and seasons to give the living room a brand new look. Different living rooms demand different styled trunk coffee tables and you can easily turn that dingy, pale suitcase into a coffee table with quick paint job or upholstery. Place it on wheels and it becomes even more special!

Eclectic living room in white with a bright yellow couch.
Eclectic living room with suitcases in the corner and a cool coffee table in the center.
Fabulous DIY upcycled suitcase coffee table
Gold and wheels revive this old trunk and give it a new lease of life.
 Large farmhouse style living room with brick wall and giant trunk center table.
Modern and rustic elements combined cleverly in the living room home theater.
Trunk coffee table also offers ample storage space.
Beautiful coffee table also offers storage options.
Covering an old suitcase in white makes it perfect for the shabby chic living room

Beyond the Coffee Table

Stacking the vintage suitcases in the corner can give the living space a stylish side table while you can even use the addition as a smart bedside table or nightstand when needed. Those who want to use the old trunk as an aesthetic addition can couple it with smart accessories to shape a lovely focal point. Be it a simple book-stand or a console table with a difference, the old, transformed suitcase works wonders in more ways than one.

Decorative piece in Asian living room with a couple of trunks on wheels.
Stacked suitcases and trunks in the corner for the shabby chic living room.
Stacked suitcases is a look that works well in the small eclectic living room.
Use those old suitcases as a smart side table when needed.
A couple of restored old suitcases do the trick here.

Vintage Charm for Every Style

The whitewashed old trunk at the heart of the living room is perfect for the shabby chic or industrial space while those in pastel hues can fit in with modern, shabby chic and contemporary styles. The leather-clad vintage trunk is perfect for the modern-traditional living room while less bulky and smaller additions on wheels roll in beautifully into the contemporary living space. Make sure you settle on the style of the room before you make a final choice.

Finding the right coffee table with storage for your traditional living room.
Gorgeous old steamer trunk turned into a modern coffee table.
No trunk is too old to be turned into a cool coffee table.
Pastel blue coffee table is as modern as it is vintage.
Simple vintage trunk center table for the smart modern living room.
Smart center table at the heart of the contemporary living room.
Whitewashed old trunk finds a place as a lovely coffee table on wheels.
Coffee table brings a touch of vintage to the living room.
Cool contemporary coffee table inspired by the vintage trunk.

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