15 Life Hacks For Your Tiny Bathroom

You won’t want to do all of these at once, but if you pick one or two of them, you might be surprised at how much your life improves. Or just feel proud that you did something productive. 1. Add a frame to your basic mirror. 2. Hang spice racks to organize your hair products […]

10 Best Compact & space saving basins for small bathrooms

It’s a demanding task to try and design a nice functional bathroom if you are limited with space. And the truth is, as time goes by people tend to shrink their bathrooms more and more. Here are the top 10 compact and space-saving basin options I came across researching the internet. GSI KUBE 45 WALL […]

18 Best Study Room Designs That Help Your Kid Study

In order to learn something new, it is crucial to have good studying habits as well as effective techniques. But did you know that the space you are learning things is of the exact same importance as those habits and techniques? This is especially noticeable with kids. The concepts and rules for creating a dedicated […]

LILAS – Tiny House on Wheels by Minimaliste

This tiny house on wheels was designed for a young couple. The Lilas is the first house on wheels that has been installed completely legally in Quebec. Before the designing began, this couple had two priorities in mind: the inclusion of a specific wood fireplace, and the smallest bathroom possible to maximize space for the […]

9 Graphs That Will Turn You Into an Interior Decorating Genius

Now you may just have moved into your new house or apartment, or maybe you’ve lived in it for a while. But one thing’s for sure (at least I’m assuming since you’re reading this), you want to find a new way to make your home look great. And that’s why I decided to create a […]

How To Make The Cutest Fall Hedgehog Craft

Just in time for autumn, learn how to make the cutest fall hedgehog craft with paper leaves, paint, and pom poms. This easy fall craft includes a printable hedgehog template, making it perfect for home or school.   HOW TO MAKE THE CUTEST FALL HEDGEHOG CRAFT Several years ago, we adopted a hedgehog named Huey. He came […]

How To Make Primitive Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments

This ornament boasts irresistible texture, warmth, and color; it looks beautiful hanging on the Christmas tree or dangling from a holiday present. HOW TO MAKE PRIMITIVE SCRAP FABRIC TREE ORNAMENTS If you are a fan of our original Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments and are looking for a more frugal option for large groups of crafters, you […]

17 Easy DIY Holiday Candle Holders

Is there any time of the year other than the holiday season that’s more appropriate for putting pretty candles around your home? Well, maybe Halloween, but most of those candles are hidden inside pumpkins anyway. Whether you need a centerpiece for a turkey dinner or some big pillar candles to light up your darkened windows […]

20 Gorgeous Ways to Add Reclaimed Wood to Your Kitchen

20 Gorgeous Ways to Add Reclaimed Wood to Your Kitchen If you still have not heard about the reclaimed wood trend in home design, then it is time to come out of the rock you have been living under for the past few seasons! Reclaimed wood has become one of the hottest materials to try out in […]