How to Make Fabric Pumpkins from Old Socks

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I have a lot of things planned for fall and recently signed up for a local craft market. But I told myself I couldn’t focus on anything fall or related to the market until after my daughter’s birthday last week.

I wanted her to feel really special and not feel like she was competing with fabric pumpkins and pine-cones. And I pretty much stuck to nothing fall-related until we were driving to our weekend destination. Like when making farmhouse style fabric wreaths, I used the time in the car to make a few of these cute and super easy little pumpkins.

I started making fabric pumpkins last year and fell in love with them. Don’t little fabric pumpkins just melt your heart! They are so petite, cozy and add a nice touch to fall decor because they are a different texture than real pumpkins. The fabric pumpkins I made on our car trip were made from an old pair of boot socks. I found them at a garage sale for $1 and was able to make 8 pumpkins from 2 boot socks.

You can also just buy fabric for these but I would also say take a quick look around your house. Maybe you have some thick socks you never wear, an old sweater, or a shirt with some nice fabric but it’s outdated or doesn’t fit anymore. You can make fabric pumpkins from almost anything. Last year I found some velvet skirts and the thrift store and used those instead of purchasing velvet because velvet fabric can get pretty pricey.

I am going to show you how to make fabric pumpkins out of old socks but a shirt/sweater sleeve or really any other fabric would work.

Here’s what you will need for fabric pumpkins:

  • Fabric (I used an old pair of socks) Each pumpkin requires a 13″ x 7″ piece.
  • Embroidery floss or dental floss also works. Try to match or complement the colors of your fabric.
  • Needle with a large eye
  • Polyfil Stuffing
  • Rice (optional)
  • Pumpkin stem or a small twig felt for leaves (optional), rusty springs (optional)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Here’s what you do to make fabric pumpkins:

Step 1: Make a tube out of the fabric

If you are making fabric pumpkins out of old socks as I did. Then it’s easy! Just cut a section of the sock that is the size you want your pumpkin. I cut mine to be 6.5″ long x 3.5″w.

Step 2: Use your floss and close up the bottom side of the tube

Turn the tube inside out and sew up the bottom of the tube with your floss.

Pull the seam tight so it is bunched together. Sew a few more stitches through the center of the bunch. You basically want your fabric to be bunched as tightly as possible. This is going to be the bottom of your pumpkin.

Then turn your fabric right side up.

Step 3: Stuff your fabric pumpkin with rice and poly-fil

Now it’s time to fill your pumpkin. I like to use about 1/4 cup of rice in the bottom of the pumpkin for some extra weight.

Then I fill the rest of the pumpkin with Poly-fil. I like to make a plump pumpkin. Just stuff it to your liking.

Step 4: Stitch the top of your fabric pumpkin and make sections with embroidery floss

With 20″-30″ of embroidery floss, stitch a seam around the top of your pumpkin. Then pull the embroidery floss tight to close your pumpkin. Cut off any extra fabric above the seam you have just sewed. But do not cut or tie off your embroidery floss.

Take the embroidery floss and go through the center of the pumpkin. Divide your pumpkin into sections by bringing your floss through the center of the pumpkin and then around the pumpkin, making six sections.

When you make the last section pull the floss tight and tie it on the underside of the pumpkin.

Step 5: Glue on your stem, leaves, or other accessories

The final step is to use your hot glue and attach your stem and leaves. Last fall I collected a bunch of real stems from squash and pumpkins. I cleaned them off and left them in my garage to dry out. So this year I had a bunch of them ready to go. But you can dry out pumpkin stems within 24 hours using this method.

Instead of real stems, you can use small twigs or branches.

I also had these little rusty curly cues from my husband’s aunt Colleen that I thought looked super cute. They were from an old crib mattress. Aren’t they adorable?

Tip: You can make fake pumpkin leaves from felt. Glue the stem on first and use the leaves to cover up and glue that is peeking through or any fabric that is bunching over on the top of your pumpkin.

And that’s it! Now you have a new purpose for those old socks that have been hanging out in your dresser since last Christmas. I love these little pumpkins and I think you will too! Once you make a few you might be addicted and start seeing pumpkin potential in your whole wardrobe!

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