How To Make The Cutest Fall Hedgehog Craft

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Just in time for autumn, learn how to make the cutest fall hedgehog craft with paper leaves, paint, and pom poms. This easy fall craft includes a printable hedgehog template, making it perfect for home or school.


Easy and Fun Paper Hedgehog Craft


Several years ago, we adopted a hedgehog named Huey. He came to us from a college dorm room where he had lived life in a plastic bin, hidden under a bunk bed. The thing about Huey was that he did not like to be handled, so he huffed and puffed, shook his quills, and rolled up into a prickly ball whenever we tried to hold him.

This spikey leaf hedgehog craft reminds me of Huey…except for the sweet smile. Huey never smiled. He was an incredibly grumpy hedgehog!


  • Fall Hedgehog Template
  • White card stock
  • Washable Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Pom poms
  • Glue stick or hot glue gun
  • Sticker eyes or wiggly eyes
  • Black marker

Materials Needed for Paper Hedgehog Craft


1. Print the template on white card stock. You will need one template, plus 5–10 extra leaves, per child.

2. Invite your child to paint their template with washable paint. We chose orange, red, yellow, and brown for our leaves, and black washable paint for the hedgehog’s body.

Easy Paper Hedgehog Craft In-Process

Tip: Our favorite Crayola paint boasts vibrant color but is light enough to allow the lines of printables to show through.

Of course, kids could also color their hedgehogs with colored pencils or crayons, or trace the template onto colored construction paper.

Fall Hedgehog Craft In-Process

3. When the paint is dry, invite your child to cut out the hedgehog shapes and the leaves.

Admittedly, cutting out the leaves is quite time-consuming for little ones—amazing fine-motor—but time-consuming! You may wish to consider stretching this project into several blocks. If you have or work with very little ones, think about pairing them with an older “buddy” to shoulder some of the work!

Another alternative is to have kids paint blank sheets of white cardstock, then use a leaf paper punch to cut out leaves. If you are making this craft with a large group of kids, it may be easier to provide baskets of pre-punched leaves. We used 25–30 small leaves per hedgehog. You may need more or less, depending on the size of the paper punch.

Make a Simple Paper Hedgehog Craft

4. Use a glue stick or tacky craft glue to secure the paper leaves to the hedgehog’s body.

5. Invite your child to decorate the hedgehog’s face.

Paper Leaf Hedgehog Craft In-Process

We used pom poms for the hedgehog’s nose, but kids could also use buttons or paper circles.

6. Last, glue the greeting card portion of the hedgehog craft to the back of the decorated part. When the glue dries, the card will open and close! Kids can sign their name and write a personalized message inside.

Fall Hedgehog Card

Isn’t it cute? Such an easy and fun fall craft for kids!


Don’t forget to save this craft on Pinterest for later!

How to Make a Paper Leaf Hedgehog Craft


This adorable hedgehog Valentine is one of our most popular crafts!

Valentine Hedgehog Craft

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